During the nationwide lockdown here in South Africa, we are partnering with Bothshabelo to provide food relief during the pandemic.


We are excited to be able to share the latest stats from the Relief Fund - but even more so, we are honoured to be able to share a personal story of how this fund is helping. This is the impact that you have invested into - changing lives and giving hope to people in the face of much trauma and turmoil. 

To date, we have sent out over 1070 e-vouchers and food parcels which translates to helping a whopping 4 900+ individuals  - women, children, men, grannies, grandpas, aunties and more! Over 200 donors have given selflessly to raise R523 000 TOGETHER!


These vouchers are not just 16 digit codes of cash, they are hope for women like Thembi and her family - she's a single mom, looking after her young kids. The domestic work she relied on to care for her kids came to an abrupt end in March. She is not one of the "lucky ones" whose employer still has funds to pay her - she is on her own and stretching every last resource to barely meet in the middle. The voucher she received, while maybe not able to solve all her problems, did enable her to buy electricity and some data (so her son could keep in touch with his teachers, and she could phone home to her sickly mom). It gave her the chance to buy the food her cupboards really needed - nothing fancy, but she could buy it for herself! And, she could get the sanitary products her and her daughter needed. Thembi didn't know where the next meal might come from, and yet hope now fills her cupboards and she shares a meal with her children in the light of her small kitchen - at least it's not candles tonight! 


This is the impact of our Relief Fund. This is one story of over 4 000, actually, of millions in our country that are receiving the help that they need from people like you, giving to funds like ours!! 


The need grows daily - you probably see it blooming at the traffic lights near your house or your local grocery store. So, if you are able, we would like to ask you to donate yet again - we know that the whole nation is stretched to its limits, but wherever you are able, your support will not go unused, unnoticed or forgotten! 


Visit our donation page for ways to donate.

We are partnering with Botshabelo and you can donate there too: 


If you have any questions, or would like to connect in any way, please reach out! We would love to chat. 

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