The Nokholo Project started as a group of friends who have a heart and a passion for their country, South Africa, and for helping those who are not always able to help themselves.

Over the years we have gone through many different causes we have wanted to be a part of, and settled on one that we think is incredibly important in South Africa: children's education.

We look to help children in and around our community who are unable to afford an education. This may be through the financing of school fees, or donating practical instruments that will help in the daily life of a scholar, such as books, stationery and clothing, as well as hands-on projects, such as painting walls or delivering goods.


We rely solely on donations, and funding from partners and sponsors. The money we receive is stewarded in a way that will benefit children and families in impoverished communities.

We are an organisation that loves people, and we wish to see children thrive, flourish, and not let their circumstances determine their future.


We want to see them rise above and go on to do great things!